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Need Hydraulic Hose and Fitting? Let Us Help!

Manuli offers a vast array of hose and crimp fitting options to meet a wide range of applications and customer preferences. In an effort to make this reference catalogue as user-friendly as possible, the following pages have been included to assist our customers in referencing the hose and crimp fitting designs that best suit their application.
Hose Selection
Air-Way Canada is here to make every step of your project easier with the quality products you need. If it's hydraulic hose fittings you're looking for, you've come to the right place! We offer a variety of types and sizes to ensure the success of your project. In fact, if you're looking for a product for any of the following types of hydraulic system, we've got it!

• Traditional Product Range
• Isobaric (Constant Pressure) Low Pressure Range
• Isobaric (Constant Pressure) High Pressure Range
• Specialty Hose Range
• Push-On

Each type of system is unique in its function and needs, which is why customized fittings are a necessity.

Regardless of the nature or type of your project, rest assured that Air-Way Canada has the products you're looking for.

To select the desired hose product, please see the “Hose Working Pressure Table.” This page lists all of the hoses that are included in this catalogue and separates them into product groupings that are meant to provide direction for our customers.

For each hose listing on this page, the applicable industry specification (if applicable), temperature
range and working pressure for each hose dash size are included. At the end of the table, the catalogue page for each hose is listed.

Crimp Fitting Selection
To select the desired crimp fitting configuration, please see the “Crimp Fitting Selection Table.” If you know which hose that you will use, do the following to select the desired fitting option:

i.  Find the hose that you have selected.
ii. Select either 1 piece or 2 piece option.
iii. Navigate to the required dash size to determine the correct fitting series.
    In the case of the 2 piece option, the part number of the ferrule is included.
iv. Refer to the column called “Style / Ref. Section” (beside Hose Series, to the right)
    and refer to the appropriate fitting section to choose the end configuration and find the
    catalogue page.

Note: The OPK 1 piece design is in the process of being introduced and is not yet included in this catalogue. Contact AWC Customer Service for more information.